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The People's Legitimate Grievances are Against the Dayton Apartheid Constitution

By Tarik Borogovac PhD

Unlike the countless other recent protests in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), last week's protest took a violent turn. Namely, the protesters blockaded and occupied local government buildings and set fire to some of them. The people came out into the streets of most of the major cities and towns of Bosnia. In the capital Sarajevo, the building of the Presidency of BiH was set on fire! This event, and these protests as a whole, show the people's desperation to get free from oppression imposed by the Dayton ethnic apartheid institutions, and determination to have its legitimate demands heard. This is the Bastille moment of the Dayton Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Dayton is the problem, social issues are the symptoms

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Given that the genocide was recognized by the International Court of Justice and keeping in mind the imperative nature of the Jus-Cogens norms in relation to such a court verdict, no Bosnian or the foreign individuals or institutions can be allowed to accept,respect or enforce the results of genocide

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