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Izdanja iz 2007/1 godine

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ONLINE NEWSLETTER - International issue

No. 442 International


May 16, 2006


2. Can you imagine a democracy where you must repeat a vote, until the super power is happy with the outcome?


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It is not a surprise that viewers of TV Hayat, one of the most popular Bosnian networks, selected Prof. Boyle as the person of the year for 2006. Namely, Prof. Boyle played a crucial role in stopping the constitutional fraud in Bosnia-Herzegovina aimed to permanently divide the country, giving the aggressors and perpetrators of genocide half of the country. You can find detail information about that constitutional fraud in the second item of this Newsletter, in the article "Can you imagine a democracy where you must repeat a vote, until the super power is happy with the outcome?"

The second great achievement of Prof. Boyle is that Bosnia – Herzegovina had a day in court in 2006, regarding lawsuit Bosnian v. s. Serbia for genocide, which Prof. Boyle filed 1n 1993, and together with Bosnian patriots protected for 13 years from various attempts to kill the lawsuit, from abroad as well as from corrupt Bosnian politicians.

In addition to that Prof. Boyle also represents victims of genocide from association "Mothers of Srebrenica and Podrinje" pro bono.

Voting overwhelmingly for Prof. Boyle, Bosnians sent a message to world that they do not want the Dayton constitution, the Annex 4. of the unjust "peace accord" enforced on them by the aggression and genocide.

The following is the information of the News director Mr. Kenan Cerimagic, in which he informs Prof. Boyle about the vote, and asks him to give a statement to Bosnian viewers.

After that follows the statement of Prof. Boyle.


Dear professor,

I would like to inform you that our viewers have chosen you as person of the year in our show. Other 4 nominees were: Orhan Pamuk, Phon van den Biesen, Tobias Wernle and Diego Arria. They were also our guests during 2006.

I would appreciate if you could give short message via e-mail that we can broadcast on Saturday.

Very best whishes,



Kenan Cerimagic

News Director

TV Hayat Sarajevo

Bosnia and Herzegovina



Dear Friend. Thank you for this information and kindness. My message
is as follows:

My Dear Bosnian Friends:

I am greatly honored and deeply touched by your vote. It symbolizes the profound desire by all Bosnians to have a real and meaningful constitutional reform that is designed by Bosnians and for the benefit of Bosnians and never again imposed upon you by the Great Powers of the World. Bosnians must replace the genocidal and apartheid Dayton Constitution with a new Constitution that meets the standards of the European Union and the European Convention on Human Rights, which the Dayton Constitution and the now rejected Hays Reforms never did.

Now that the elections are over and the Government has been formed, I would encourage you to pressure all of your political leaders to obtain that objective. The future of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a unified, pluralistic and multinational democracy is with the European Union. And so we must have a new constitution that is fully compatible with European Union standards. I call upon all Bosnian political leaders to put aside their differences and work to achieve that objective. And I am certainly willing to work myself towards that end with all people of good faith and good will in Bosnia no matter what their ethnicity or religion. All must be Bosnians and equal and free citizens under the new Constitution.

My congratulations to you all upon the successful elections. My congratulations to your political leaders on the formation of the government. Now let us all get to work on designing this new constitution. And a happy new year to everyone.

Francis A.Boyle
Professor of International Law

Francis A. Boyle
Law Building
504 E. Pennsylvania Ave.
Champaign, IL 61820 USA
217-244-1478 (fax)
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2. Can you imagine a democracy where you must repeat a vote, until the super power is happy with the outcome?

This is exactly what the Bush administration is doing to Bosnians, the victims of aggression and genocide. US Administration requires Bosnian parliamentarians to vote, and vote Again, until the US administration likes the outcome

After Bosnian president of the Presidency, Suleiman Tihic, returned from his visit to USA, he informed the surprised Bosnians: "Forget the last month's vote regarding our constitution. US does not like the outcome. The parliament will have to vote again."

The problem is that this was a democratic free vote about Bosnian constitution. In fact, it was not completely free. The US ambassador kept the leaders of the Bosnian parties days and nights, until they "voluntarily"
agreed on the Constitutional amendments. The same drill was performed on the parliamentarians from the opposition parties, but it did not work. There were not enough corrupt politicians to vote for the amendments.

Is there something called "interference into internal affairs" of another country, in the US administration's language?!

The following is the explanation of the "unusual" behavior of the US administration

Both the General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia, and its Annex 4, which contained the new constitution known as the Dayton constitution, has been shown to have many legitimacy problems.

The major problem is that the Agreement rewarded aggression and genocide by creating the "Serbian Republic" on 49% of the territory of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Even worse, the "Serbian Republic" has been created as an ethnically pure Serbian territory during the aggression when Serbian fascists (chetniks) exterminated all other ethnic groups, including the Bosniaks and Croats on that territory.

Other major problems with the constitution have to do with what kind of state it changed Bosnia into: a monster state, a nonfunctioning state (according to the Venice Commission), a state operating on the principles of apartheid and in violation of human rights and principles of equality, a state with 2 entities, 10 Cantons, 1 district, with at least 12 parliaments, and governments, with countless ministers, including ministers of foreign affairs for each one of the many sub-governments, with ethnic vetoes, and entity vetoes, all to govern just four million people.

Rounding out the long list of its problems are the following two that seem to have the current American administration especially worried:

1. The Constitution (Annex 4) never passed legal procedure in the institutions of the Republic Bosnia Herzegovina, i.e. the Constitution of the Republic Bosnia Herzegovina was never legally amended to create this monstrosity.

2. The General Framework agreement is illegal itself, with its 12 Annexes, as an international agreement, because it was never ratified in the Parliament of the Republic Bosnia-Herzegovina.

As the New Bosnian constitution is not functioning, Bosnians want to replace it with a normal functioning constitution, like the one that existed before the aggression and genocide.

The American administration offered its help to change the constitution, and Bosnians gladly accepted. However, it turned out that the Americans were interested only in legitimizing the General Framework Agreement. They offered some cosmetic and unimportant changes to be adopted in the institutions created by the new (so called Dayton) Constitution.

Cosmetic changes, except in one very important detail -- since they would be passed in Bosnia's legislative bodies, they would discontinue the old Constitution of the Republic of Bosnia Herzegovina, and they would therefore laundry the dirty constitution.

Then Bosnians would go even deeper in the hole. The nonfunctioning constitution would become legitimate, and hence irreversible. Nobody could force the Serbs to negotiate again to give up their veto power, which cripples the country.

Therefore the Bosnian patriots in the parliament refused to adopt the cosmetic amendments.

That drove the Bush administration mad. They want to laundry the Dayton constitution, in order to show off a foreign policy success, no matter what happens to Bosnia. They publicly threaten that Bosnia will endure sanctions for not agreeing to the change of the constitution. They also use corrupt Bosnian politicians and the corrupt Bosnian media to personally attack those who voted against the constitution.

Even worse, they want to repeat the vote, pressuring the parliamentarians who voted against only months weeks ago to reverse their vote.

Can you imagine a democracy where you must repeat a vote, until the super power is happy with the outcome? And this is exactly what the Bush administration is doing to Bosnians, the victims of aggression and genocide.

The Bosnian President of the presidency, Suleiman Tihic, a corrupt puppet of the superpower told Bosnians the message, upon returning from a visit to
Washington: "We must repeat the vote on the Constitutional changes before the end of May".

Shame on America.

Forward this message to your Congressmen and Senators to inform them how Bush Administration trashes US image and credibility overseas.

National Congress of the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina



14. januar 2007.

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