ONLINE NEWSLETTER – International No. 673


1. Police of “Republika Srpska” Interrogates Survivors of Genocide


3. Fabricating “Muslim terrorists” in Bosnia – examples from Italy


1. Police of “Republika Srpska” Interrogates Survivors of Genocide

By Dr. Ibrahim Sendijarevic

For 15th anniversary of 1995 Genocide in Srebrenica, Police of Republika Srpska, the same police that was convicted for genocide in Srebrenica by the International Court of Justice, plans to interrogate Survivors of Genocide.

On June 18th, Ibran Mustafic and three other persons that he hired as laborers to remove the weeds and brushes and help with placement of the banners and flags on the flag poles on the private property next to the “Memorial and Cemetery For the Victims of the 1995 Genocide” in Potocari/Srebrenica, received written orders from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Republika Srpska, which committed the 1995 Genocide, to report on June 21st 2010 to their Police Station for interrogation.

The following are names of the laborers: Edin (Dino) Salihovic, Halil Rahmanovic, and Hakija Dizdarevic. Including Ibran Mustafic, all four are survivors of the genocide. Edin (Dino) Salihovic provides for family of four (4) and Halil Rahmanovic for a family of six (6) without any possibility for employment in genocidal Republika Srpska. The work that they have been hired to do for Mr. Mustafic does not violate any laws of the genocidal Republic Srpska. This is an attempt of Republic Srbska to intimidate honest people for doing honest work. This is an extension of the genocidal practices that the same police and institutions of Repulika Srbska committed in 1995 – as defined in the final judgment of the International Court of Justice.

In commemoration of 15th anniversary of genocide in Srebrenica, Mr. Ibran Mustafic, President of Association of Mothers of Srebrenica and Podrinja, placed five flags of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and banners on the flag poles located on private property. Banners displaying quotations from the legally binding judgment of the International Court of Justice from the case of Bosnia and Herzegovina v. Serbia and Montenegro, and also quotes from Professor Francis A. Boyle that “the final judgment of the International Court of Justice supersedes all constitutional arrangements that are offered today to the victims on genocide, including Annex 4 to the Dayton Agreement.” One of the banners carries a demand by the victims of genocide for the implementation of the legally binding judgment of the International Court of Justice.

The police of Republika Srpska that committed the genocide is now intimidating the very survivors of the 1995 Genocide for reminding the world of the role of Serbia and police of the Republika Srpska in the Genocide.

No such parallel exists in the world. It is as absurd as if Germany ordered Jews to report to police for interrogation for mentioning that Nazis committed Holocaust.

In response to the actions of Police of Republika Srpska, Mr. Ibran Mustafic announced on June 19th 2010 that the Association of Mothers of Srebrenica and Podrinje will replace banners with permanent steal structure for display of the quotations from the legally binding judgment of the International Courte of Justice. The permanent display will be ready for July 11th commemoration of the 15th anniversary of the Genocide in Srebrenica.

Pictures of the site in Srebrenica with “Golden Lilies”, flag of the Republic Bosnia-Herzegovina.



Banja Luka daily “Fokus” reported that Ibran Mustafic continues to incite ‘hatred’ against the Serbs by placing the so called “war-time muslim flags” at the Srebrenica Genocide Memorial in Potocari. Serbs also charge Mustafic for displaying banners which describe the “Serb state” as genocidal. Some of Mustafic’s banners read: “Serbia = Aggression = Genocide = Dayton = Republic of Srpska.” Other banners read: “Serbia is responsible for the Srebrenica Genocide,” “Judgement of the International Cour of Justice supersedes Dayton’s genocidal creations [two entities],” and “Victims of Genocide Demand Implementation of the International Court of Justice.”

The so called “war-time muslim flag,” as Serbs call it, is a historic flag with golden lilies (see the links above) and represents Bosnia and Bosniak people in general. As for Bosnian Serb entity ‘Republic of Srpska’, it is indeed a genocidal creation formed as a result of a large scale ethnic cleansing, torture, murder, and genocide over Bosnian Muslim population in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Take a look at historic flag of Bosniak people and medieval Bosnia.

In July 1995, Serb forces and local Serb civilians (Chetniks) carried Serb flags while they were busy slaughtering 8,000 and expelling 30,000 Bosniaks. I haven’t heard any Bosniaks in Srebrenica complaining about Serb flags in post-war Srebrenica. In 1991, Srebrenica was a Bosniak-majority municipality, but now local Serbs - with blood on their hands - form ethnic majority in this historically Bosnian Muslim part of the Balkans.

We invite Ibran Mustafic and local Bosniaks to respond to Serb complaints by displaying 100 additional flags for each complaint that Serbs make. The more Serbs complain, the more flags they will see. We also invite Bosniak participants of the upcoming 15th anniversary of the Srebrenica Genocide to bring as many Bosnian flags and as many posters of Naser Oric as possible. Let’s show the Serbs that their provocations are irrelevant and we’ll honor our victims regardless of how much local Serbs, who have blood on their hands, complain.

What should the Serbs do?

Instead of complaining, Bosnian Serbs should apologize to Bosniaks for commiting genocide at Srebrenica. They should apologize and seek forgiveness from Bosniak people. Otherwise, there will never be peace. End of story.




While the same people who committed aggression and genocide in Bosnia now rule the country and terrorize people of Bosnia-Herzegovina, as described in the previous articles, their agents all over the world fabricate “Muslim terrorits” in Bosnia. The following are two examples from Italy. Note, that the second person, Azra Nuhefendic, former journalist of Oslobodjenje, is assimilated Serb of Bosnian Muslim background, a typical kind of people that have power among Bosniaks in Bosnia.

3. Fabricating “Muslim terrorists” in Bosnia – examples from Italy

By Alda Radelli, Italian journalist

I listened on May 19th to a lesson given by professor Federico Maria Bega at the Bocconi University in Milan, Italy.

Professor Bega is consultant to the Presidency of the Italian Government for the Balcan Area, and also consultant to the Milanese Chamber of Commerce. He teaches at the Firenze University. He is also the author of a book: “Islam balcanico- Utet 2008”

He concentrates his research mostly on the years from 1999 to nowadys. He describes year 1999 as the time when the religious institutions ( he means by that the Islamic ones) reached, in his opinion, a new political standard referred with the “revival of Islam”. At the same time, Balcanic Islam has linked itself with International Islam, which he describes like a unique homogeneous block (!).

Professor Bega pretends that this so called by him “International Islam” supported Bosnia Herzegovina sending arms and instructors during the Bosnian war 1992-1995. Not only. Among the countries who send not only arms but soldiers to Bosnia, professor Bega mentions Iran, Afganistan, Turkey, and Lebanon. That means, he says, that for the first time, we have been aware of the creation of a Mujaheddin army in Europe and of the uninterrupted presence of Mujaheddins on European territory since eight years ago.

In my commentary in answer to this lecture, I mention Hrvoje Sarinic’s book “Moji razgovori sa Milosevicem - Globus 1998 - Zagreb”, where he describes in detail the alliance between Milosevic and Tudjman all through the Bosnian war with the common purpose of dividing the Bosnian territory between Croatia and Serbia.

I also point out how in the terroristic attacks to the Twin Towers in 2001 in 2004, to the Madrid railway station in 2004, to the London public transport in 2005, never have been detected any Bosnian Mujaheddins. I also add how the six Bosnian prisoners in Guantanamo from Algerian origin have been released with no charges after eight years.

I will send you the full article in Italian language, in case you are interested to read it, and I will let you know if at all it will be published in Italy and who from.

During his lecture, Professor Bega never gave documentation of any kind in order to support his rather peculiar analysis, which is taken for granted by the Italian Government e the Milan Chamber of Commerce.

Professor Bega is not alone in putting up such sort of propaganda. My colleague Azra Nuhefendic, former journalist of Oslobodjenje, has collected a full documentation to put up with such sort of propaganda which boils down to one main source: John Schindler’s “Unholy terror, Bosnia, Al-Qa’ida, and the Rise of global Jihad- Zenit Press- 2007”. John Schindler is a former analyst of the National Security Agency.

I end my Italian article mentioning the beautiful film of Jasmila Zbanic, “Na putu”, which describes in detail the structure and the systems of propaganda of a sect, the Wahabyte one: they are the same in every sect, independently from the religion they refer to.

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